Solaris/FreeBSD tar file incompatibility?

adyas at adyas at
Tue Oct 29 17:05:09 GMT 2002


Does anyone know of any tar incompatibilities between Solaris (8) and
FreeBSD?  We're creating a tar file on a Solaris box, (around 200MB) and
then attempting to un-tar it on a FreeBSD machine.  The archive looks
different on the FreeBSD machine, files that were within directories now
appear in the tar's root directory.

We don't think the file is corrupt, having transfered the file (ftp) a
number of times with the same results.

Also, I'm sure I've done this before without any problems, I'm thinking
maybe it's a file name length problem?

The FreeBSD tar man page mentions -I for Solaris compatibility, but I 
think that means the -I switch was added because Solaris has a -I switch.



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