freebsd using ADSL router, help!

Lou Kamenov lou.kamenov at
Tue Oct 29 10:49:15 GMT 2002

In some email I received from "James" <james at> on
Tue, 29 Oct 2002 07:42:51 -0000 :
> Again this works fine using DHCP if the router in doing NAT
> The make of my modem is AMX-CA64E
> Oh and I'm running FreeBSD 4.7

I think there is a better option to get what you want, month ago 
i did a few tests with one of these adsl routers, it`s not bad at all, 
but 1 thing is missing on it IP Aliasing, however I found a better use
of it using "DMZ Host IP", which is kinda mapping the External IP to the
Internal (Which is the DMZ Host itself).
So basically if a packet comes, it will be forwarded straight to the DMZ
Host IP which can do whatever it wants with the packet eg
nat/drop/accept. Also the router handles the ppp connection which is
more than enuf for me, and i`m still in power to pass/block/forward
whatever I want. 
Full bridge mode suck on this router(however it will work on linux), in
UK most of the ISP uses a PPPoA, FreeBSD`s ppp supports natively PPPoE.
So far I`ve tried FreeBSD PPPoE <-> Router <-> ISP,  but i couldnt make
it authenticate to the peer and i havent played a lot with it.
If you need some more info gimme a shout:)




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