Freebsd-users digest, Vol 1 #1147 - 1 msg

Bruce M Simpson bms at
Thu Oct 24 15:09:44 BST 2002

Interesting. I received the same message and wondered why, as I am not
subscribed to this person's list to the best of my knowledge.

I assumed at first that the binary attachment was actually a Japanese
message, as I'm using mutt. The glaringly obvious 'This program cannot be
run in MS-DOS mode' did not leap out at me til I took a second look. Which
begs the question, why would someone send an unsolicited Windows executable
to several mailing lists unless they were up to no good (or their machine
had been infected) ?


On Thu, Oct 24, 2002 at 03:05:10PM +0100, G wrote:
> This is infected with the Bugbear virus. Please do not send this to me
> again.

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