Numpty question

Lou Kamenov lou.kamenov at
Tue Oct 15 11:29:40 BST 2002

Something more..

> [sample algorithm]
> route -n flush or route delete default %gateway
> ifconfig %device -alias %old_ip (it will work, never mind the alias)
> ifconfig %device inet %new.ip netmask %mask
> route add default %gateway (any static routes you know how to add
> them).[/end]
> Other way, change it in rc.conf, rerun
> sort of:
> my at prompt~% . /etc/rc.conf  
> my at prompt~% sh /etc/
> [%dot%space%forwardslashETC%forwardslashRC.CONF]

If you`re doing this remotely better place it in the crontab, let
the system manage it. Otherwise if you have local access, dont read
this ;)


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