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Mon Oct 14 23:27:22 BST 2002

In some email I received from Julian Rawcliffe
<julian.rawcliffe at> on Mon, 14 Oct 2002 22:50:11 +0100 :

> I've been using FreeBSD for a while now (disillusioned with Mandrake
> on a server box) and am pretty impressed.
> However, one thing I need to do is get netatalk running so that I can
> transfer files from a Mac to Windows via Netatalk and Samba. I have
> had this working a treat under Linux, but times and OSes change.
> Netatalk - atalkd (version - builds on my 4.6.2 box without
> issue, but any attempt to start it gives the message,
> netatalksocket: Protocol not supported
> socket: Protocol not supported
> atalkd: can't get interfaces, exiting.

try adding this in the kernel conf && then recompile..

options         NETATALK                #Appletal...


> Now, on Linux I'd make sure the appletalk module had been compiled. On
> FreeBSD? I have looked at the kernel config (very similar to the old
> OSF/1 boxes I used to look after) and, erm, not very much there. The
> docs and mailing lists seem to assume that appletalk support is
> magically there. Anyone got any suggestions as to how I conjure up the
> magic to get appletalk into my kernel?
> Julian
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