fletch paul at
Fri Oct 11 22:50:26 BST 2002

evening all,

I have two NICs in a FreeBSD 4.6.2-RELEASE system:


both work fine. In rc.conf I have gateway_enable="yes" and my ipfw rules are
currently set like this:

01000 407925 272906299 allow ip from any to any
65435    187     31227 deny log ip from any to any
65535     32      2332 deny ip from any to any

I want to route between the two NICs according to IPFW rules I specify, but
at the minute,
nothing from the LAN side (dc0) gets forwarded past rl0


I can ping dc0 and rl0 from the lan, but not the ADSL router. I can however
ping the router from the freebsd machine.

anybody got any ideas? any help will be much appriciated




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