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Sat Oct 19 15:31:45 BST 2002

> From: michael at (Michael Pye)
> Date: Sat 19 Oct, 2002
> Subject: Re: IDE RAID

> On Saturday 19 October 2002 08:26, Mark Valentine wrote:
> > I've found GND a great bunch of people to work with too.
> GND are located just around the corner from where I work, and I've been to 
> their office to collect bits I've ordered from them. Also found them to be 
> helpful, and whilst not as cheap as most mail order companies, their prices 
> aren't that bad.

Indeed.  Even when I'm skimping on cost for personal systems I still
generally get them to make up the case/motherboard/cpu/memory as a unit;
and save a few quid at Dabs on the remainder, but it's so much nicer
just to have them build and burn in the whole system and supply on-site

> Apparently they used to hold GLLUG meetings at their docklands office.

Their next technical director after the one I mentioned is a Linux freak!

He's no longer at GND, but you may have seen him manning the GLUUG stand
at the recent Linux Expo...

(If anyone remembers my recent call for anyone wanting to show off their
BSD stuff at the Expo, that was on his behalf.)



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