Paul Civati paul at
Fri Oct 18 22:59:41 BST 2002

Bruce M Simpson <bms at> wrote:

> > My chosen hardware supplier has Promise FastTrack100 Lite in their
> > build, not investigated yet if this will work with FreeBSD..
> Got one of these somewhere. I believe there's a driver in -CURRENT
> for this, not heard anything about an MFC.

Having done some more research this should be supported in the last
few 4.x releases through the standard ata driver.  The above is an
on (mother)board version of their 100 TX2 controller AFAICS.

On the 3ware front, my slight confusion as to their availability
is because they *did* announce EOL for them, but lots of people
jumped up and down so they changed their minds. :)


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