4.5 vs 4.6

martinsm at gn.apc.org martinsm at gn.apc.org
Fri Oct 18 16:42:02 BST 2002

Quoting Terry Chrissopoulos <tekn0phile at yahoo.com>:

> Hey ,
> I am using a Pentium 200MHz with 32 Ram and the problem is that when I
> installed 4.5 everything was fine.

32mb is pushing it a bit, could you double that, or even quadruple it

> Then I switched to the 4.6 version and :
> 1.	The XFree Config kept failing!!

try using the ncurses based setup tool from the menu

> 2.	Gnome would not install and KDE would be extremely slow !!!
> (generally X is extremely slow)

windowmaker is a good wm for X, not quite so resourse hungry as Gnome/KDE

> 3.	Sometimes network commands would fail e.g
> # ping www.yahoo.com <http://www.yahoo.com/> 
> (nothing happens)
> Plus the configuration tool for X that 4.5 had was a lot more easy to
> set up.
> I am not an expert I am just trying to learn FreeBSD and those things
> just keep annoy me.
> Thanks for any help 

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