Trivial Boot Configuration Question

Chris Whitehouse chris at
Wed Oct 16 12:54:52 BST 2002

>> > When my FreeBSD 4.6.2 box is starting up, I get three options
>> > displayed:
>> >
>> > F1: FreeBSD
>> > F2: FreeBSD
>> > F5: Drive 0
>> > Default: F1

I had something similar recently when I installed 4.4 on an old p133 box like

F2: FreeBSD
F5: Drive 0

I also had beeps and had to press F5 to get anything. The problem went away and I can't reproduce it but I suspect it might be something to do with having cdrom as 
one of the booting options in the bios. Maybe try setting boot options only to boot from 'C'. Mine also is headless but I can see it through the serial port.


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