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>I'm looking for an ADSL PCI card such as:
>with FreeBSD support. Been looking around for ages with no success, and
>no manufacturers as yet have said they are willing to port a driver to
>It will be used on BT so will require PPPoA, which shouldn't be a
>Anyone out there use one of these, or have seen one?

There is a card but it's expensive... Sangoma is the manuf - think it's 
canadian from memory. Apart from that there's nothing about which is 

See my earlier posting at 

Think as the card is expensive, an adsl router/modem on ethernet is the best 
option. We've got an Alcatel 510 v.4 Bit of a different problem though, as i 
really wanted the router to route both multiple public IPs and perform NAT. 
Apparantly this does it, though is brand new - hence we have no configs to 
reference from, and are stuck! Hence we're just using it to route the public 
IPs through, and NAT-ing off of a NetBSD box (like icecream, it's good to 
mix different flavours ;-)

If you're happy to NAT of a computer/are only connecting up 1 (whcih i doubt 
as you're on this mailing list!) then take a look at dabs.com There's a 
generic "dabsvalue" Connextant ethernet router modem - 1 or 4 port versions. 
I just ordered 2 of the 4 ports. Supposed to support multiple public IPs in 
the routing table, and excessively cheap!

Have fun...

Rob King

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