Disk partitions cannot be found/mounted after swapping maste

Duncan Barclay dmlb at dmlb.org
Tue Oct 15 20:48:51 BST 2002

On 15-Oct-2002 David Marsh wrote:
> Thanks, everybody, for your advice so far..
> I think, unfortunately, that I'm managing to take a step forward, and a
> step back, at the same time.
> I did manage to mount the root partition via the fixit floppy by
> switching the hard disk master/slave settings around again(!) and then
> mounting / with:
> mount /dev/ad0s2 /mnt 
> since the fixit floppy does contain a device node for this.
> (Actually, the only hard disk nodes that it does contain are for ad0!)
> This allowed me to get in and hack away with (/mnt)/etc/fstab and 
> (/mnt)/dev/MAKEDEV (which while happy to make all the needed nodes for
> ad0, only seems able to make nodes for ad1s1 (and not ad1s2)).

You need to use
        cd /dev
        ./MAKEDEV ad1s2a
to make ad1s2[a-h]

In general MAKEDEV needs to know as much as possible about the slice and
partition you want to make, I always specify the full slice and partition.

Did you try the mount_mfs routine?


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