Disk partitions cannot be found/mounted after swapping master/slave

Stefan Bethke stb at hanse.de
Tue Oct 15 15:26:27 BST 2002

On Tue, 15 Oct 2002, David Marsh wrote:

> > can you boot up single user 
> That's "boot -s" at the boot prompt? (I'm a bit rusty on this..)


> > and then do 'mount -rw /' ? that works
> > for me to get / read/write
> No joy, unfortunately. :-(
> mount replies:
> mount: /dev/ad1s2a: No such file or directory

Same problem: the /dev entry isn't there, and you need to mount it rw to
create it... but you can try

# mount -uw /

That sould just upgrade the existing mount (which the kernel did directly,
without consulting /dev) to read-write, at which point you can run


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