Disk partitions cannot be found/mounted after swapping master/slave

Pete French pete at twisted.org.uk
Tue Oct 15 14:25:15 BST 2002

> Given that /dev/ad1s2a (/) is only mounted read-only at this point [and
> I'm kinda confused as to how the kernel is happy to have it mounted like
> so one second, and then deny its existence the next!??], how can I make
> the partition mountable in writable mode so that I can update the device
> nodes?

can you boot up single user and then do 'mount -rw /' ? that works
for me to get / read/write

I also found that the slice devices still exist, even if the partitions dont,
so you may not have /dev/da0s1a but you do have /dev/da0s1 which can let you
get at the first partition on that slice.

I had this problem when swapping some drives around in a Compaq... annoying,
but fairly easiily fixed.


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