Trivial Boot Configuration Question

Andrew Andrew
Tue Oct 15 10:59:09 BST 2002

> OK, but what about this: my desktop dual-boots FreeBSD
> and Win2K. I want to configure it so that it defaults
> to Win2K (at my girlfriend's behest, you understand
> ;), not whatever-it-last-booted. I tried to configure
> it using boot0cfg(8) and managed to hose my partition
> table... any clues?

I have exactly the same set up, for exactly the same reason!! You have to go

That should sort it out - I think this is the most convenient way to do
multibooting. It's more attractive (to me) than lilo, grub, and FreeBSD's
loader, IMHO.

Good luck,


PS. Don't worry about your partition table - you can always regenerate it
using a boot disk and fdisk from sysinstall. (At least in my experience -
I've come back from some pretty nasty hashes...)

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