Trivial Boot Configuration Question

Pete French pete at
Tue Oct 15 10:33:09 BST 2002

> F1: FreeBSD
> F2: FreeBSD
> F5: Drive 0
> Default: F1
> Since I can't find any mention of what F1 and F2 are supposed to be

F1 - the first partition on that discm F2 - the 2nd. If you had all 4
DOS partition on there then you would see F3 and f4 as well.

> booting - well, whatever it is, it doesn't - any ideas on how I persuade the
> machine to use the F5 option as default.

yes - you just press it :-) it will then store it away for next time.

its a bit odd to be booting off a 2nd drive though - I had a set of machines
setup like this once, but that was due to the hot swapp drives being, umm,
swapped, by accident one day.


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