Getting netatalk running on FreeBSD

Julian Rawcliffe julian.rawcliffe at
Mon Oct 14 22:50:11 BST 2002

I've been using FreeBSD for a while now (disillusioned with Mandrake
on a server box) and am pretty impressed.
However, one thing I need to do is get netatalk running so that I can
transfer files from a Mac to Windows via Netatalk and Samba. I have
had this working a treat under Linux, but times and OSes change.

Netatalk - atalkd (version - builds on my 4.6.2 box without issue,
but any attempt to start it gives the message,

netatalksocket: Protocol not supported
socket: Protocol not supported
atalkd: can't get interfaces, exiting.

Now, on Linux I'd make sure the appletalk module had been compiled. On
FreeBSD? I have looked at the kernel config (very similar to the old OSF/1
boxes I used to look after) and, erm, not very much there. The docs and
mailing lists seem to assume that appletalk support is magically there. Anyone
got any suggestions as to how I conjure up the magic to get appletalk into my


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