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I have Cisco Aironet 350 cards and Lucent (now Agere) Wavelan cards.
Both work great with my 4.6 laptop talking to my SMC Barricade Access Point
/ Router
and with a Netgear wireless router.

Do not worry about Bluetooth interference.
It is not a problem.
My laptop has both Bluetooth and Wireless lan and I use them both at the
same time with
no noticable problems.
(Wireless lan sits on one channel. Bluetooth hops channels several hundered
times a second
so bluetooth and wireless lan only 'clash' for a small portion of the time

3Com make a card called the xJack with an extendable antenna. This is NOT
by FreeBSD. While most 3com kit may be from symbol, the xJack came from
a company called "No Wires Necessary"
There is a linux driver, but it is not ported to FreeBSD.


> I have been using Cisco Aironet cards for approx 8 months and have had
> no problems at all.  802.11b uses the same frequencies as Bluetooth so
> you may have problems if that is used at your premises. 802.11a has not
> been licensed in Europe yet and conflicts with the ETSI hiperlan2
> standards.
> Regards
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> Hello guys,
> Recently i was thinking of buying a wireless hub/cards to replace our
> old `cable` network (sometimes its easier without cables *smile*).
> Anyways, so my question is if anybody knows if there are any issues with
> the frequencies and what would be the most reliable hardware (from what
> you`ve experienced with it?).
> thanks a bunch.
> cheers,
> -lk
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