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Thu Oct 3 11:15:57 BST 2002


You said that when I'd got a samba-tng box, you'd send a sample config

Hit me with it....

Any chance of giving me a clue where to start - it's nothing like samba
at first glance.

Steve Purdy
Reference Technology

> > I'm not brave enough to try Samba-TNG straight on a customers box
> > testing first but i'll give you a shout when i've built a dev box
> >=20
> > Thanks for the offer of the config file.
> I've used Samba extensively, but not taken the time to look at SambaNG
> yet.  Is it worth doing so I wonder.  Would someone mind summarising
> differences?


I could say a few words about smb-tng.

Supported protocols:TCP/IP, UDP/IP, IPX/SPX, NetBIOS, NETBEUI, HTTP,
DECnet 3.0, SMB=20
SMB is available over: TCP/IP, NetBIOS
NetBIOS is available over: TCP/IP/UDP/IP, IPX/SPX, NETBEUI=20

It can do:
[ WINS ]- NetBIOS (aka Windows Internet) Naming Service
[ Browsing ] - A means to locate computers (aka the Network
[ Domain Management ] - A means to manage computers in a Windows NT
Domain (also known Do main Master Browsing)
[ Messaging ] - A means to send messages to a user or a group of users
[ HTML ] - Microsoft's Web Server, IIS, can use NetBIOS as a transport.
There are also several obsolete protocols. NetBIOS is actually a full
transport that used to be implemented inside network cards.

The services available over SMB:
[ File Sharing ] - This is the core of the SMB protocol's purpose: to
allow files to be accessed over a network.
[ Print Sharing ] - Printers can also be accessed remotely.
[ Port Sharing ] - There is a little-known means to access and share
Modems and Parallel Ports over SMB.
[ IPC ]- Inter-process Communication. A means to communicate specific
information between programs.
[ Named Pipes ]- SMB also provides a means for applications to easily
locate and access remote services, and that includes DCE/RPC.

DCE/RPC Services:
[ SAM ] - Secure Accounts Manager.
[ LSA ] - Local Security Authority.
[ NETLOGON ] - Windows NT Network Logon Service. Provides the back-end
to the Username, Domain, Password Dialog box. Also provides Backup
Domain Controller Synchronisation Services. aka "A hacker's delight".
[spoolss ] - Spooler Service (Windows NT Total Print Management) - one
of the largest and comprehensive DCE/RPC services in the whole of the
Windows NT Operating System.
[ svcctl ] - Service Control Manager.
[ winreg ] - Windows Registry. For some obscure reason, winreg also
provides the means to remotely shut down a Windows NT system.
[ srvsvc ] - Server Service. Mostly provides a means to list and manage
SMB-related services such as shares, DFS (Microsoft's Distributed File
System) Mount points.=20

Also it has a SID to UID Resolution system

SMB Tng provides command line equivalents to - regedit.exe, usrmngr.exe,
eventmgr.exe and most of net.exe

(from smb-tng arch - http://

i hope somebody else will do the samba part, thanks...


p.s. also today i`m 21, now i could adopt a child ;)

> Joe
> --=20
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> and as far as they are certain, they do not refer to reality." -
> Einstein, 1921

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