Neil Ford neil at smudgypixels.net
Tue Oct 1 10:43:42 BST 2002

On 30/9/02 6:47 pm, "Lou Kamenov" <lou.kamenov at aeye.net> wrote:

> Hello guys,
> Recently i was thinking of buying a wireless hub/cards to replace our old
> `cable`
> network (sometimes its easier without cables *smile*).  Anyways, so my
> question is if anybody knows if there are any issues with the frequencies and
> what would be the most reliable hardware (from what you`ve experienced with
> it?).
Apple Airport - does everything (DHCP, NAT, Port Forwarding, Access control,
built-n modem), there is a java app to configure.
Dlink - nice solid kit, needs windows to configure, does DHCP (if I remember
correctly, client has something else doing it).
Netgear - nice solid kit, firmware upgrade to get 128bit WEP, Access control
can be fiddly, configuration via windows via USB or SNMP.

PC Cards:
Have successfully used cards from Avaya/Lucent and Buffalo with FreeBSD.
With Windows have also used Netgear and Sitecom with no problems.

PCI Cards:
This is the one are I have never had much success with. Lucent always
recommended using the ISA card which was nigh-on impossible to find. Most
cards are just a PC Card bridge into which you slot the relevant PC Card.
Have managed to get the Netgear MA301/MA401 combination to work under
Windows. Elsewhere have used USB based devices, no idea what their FreeBSD
support is like though.

Hope that's been of help, shout if you need more info.

Neil Ford

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