Networking novice needs help

Paul Civati paul at
Sat Nov 30 22:57:45 GMT 2002

Andrew <andrew.hodgson at> wrote:

> > It looks like for some reason, that network card can't see the network
> > at all, as you should be getting ARP resolution.
> Yeah, I think it's the card - it's temperamental (I now know) because
> suddenly it won't even light up on my hub. I will replace it. It's a
> miracle that I got my install to work at all!

Ahh.. maybe something you disabled (or not present) in the install kernel,
is present in your current kernel, and causing the card not to work.

Although de is the PCI DEC chipset driver IIRC, and PCI cards normally
don't have problems with probe conflicts.  Try building a custom kernel
with all the un-needed drivers removed.


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