FreeBSD Security + Firewall set up

Graeme Mathieson mathie+uk-freebsd-users at
Thu Nov 28 14:47:59 GMT 2002

On Wed, Nov 27, 2002 at 12:10:04PM +0000, Dimitris wrote:
[ ssh banner ]
> Idealy, it shouldn't even report the version number (3.4p1) just in case
> there are vulnerabilities on it.

The openssh client uses the version string of the server to enable
workarounds to particular bugs.  See:

Right now, there are scr1pt k1dd13s plotting to DDoS my network, my co-lo
server is not responding  to pings and  the people that I IRC with may be
involved in both.  I'm  sysadmin Graeme Mathieson and this is the longest
day of my life.             

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