Mad ex-Brit takes BSD to Munich

Paul Robinson paul at
Thu Nov 28 13:35:48 GMT 2002

On Nov 28, Sam Smith <S at> wrote:

> afternoon,

I was wondering how long it would take for you to turn up. ;-)
> Nope, because I don't have time to organise one before Xmas (which is
> why the one we talked about didn't happen) :-). Feel free to organise
> it yourself though :-)

Like that's ever going to happen - at the moment I'm finding it difficult
arranging for me to get up in the morning, never mind getting a few dozen
people in the same room at the same time. I could pretend everybody was
working on my project though and get the Project secretary to do it all for
me... hmmm... :-) Everybody will have to pretend they know what a learning
management system is though.
> But after Xmas, who knows (besides the people who have told me about
> some ideas that is)? Is there interest in a relatively cheap, short
> conference/meetup around the start of May[1], over a weekend
> (starting, say, about 1pm on Saturday, finishing about 2pm on
> Sunday[2])? Somewhere reasonably central and easy to get to
> (Oxfordish?)?

Well, apart from the fact Oxford isn't really that central unless there is a
very heavy London weighting, and it's quite difficult to get to from large
parts of the country (let's all go to Birmingham!), I think it would be a
cool idea. It might be a good idea actually if people want to formalise it a
little more to try and arrange something around Easter break when it would
be possible to get a University relatively cheap.
> This is in addition to a (potential) evening meeting in London which
> is starting to come together. 

That could be trickier to get a decent attendance to, because it's just one 
evening. I'll travel across the country for a meeting where my employer 
could make or save large amounts of money, and I'll travel for a day or two 
in one spot. But a few hours down the pub makes me feel all homesick for the 
Lass O'Gowrie and Harry's. ;-) I think many people feel the same, it's just 
that they aren't lucky enough to consider the Lass a local. ;-)

Paul Robinson

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