Mad ex-Brit takes BSD to Munich

Sam Smith S at
Thu Nov 28 13:13:27 GMT 2002


On Thu, 28 Nov 2002, Paul Robinson wrote:
> Anyway, if anybody wants a Chrimbo party, I can throw something together
> quickly in the Manchester region. Maybe. Actually, I'll just convince Sam
> Smith who does all the Manchester BSD stuff to sort it out. Delegation - my
> favourite word in the English language. ;-)
> Sam's going to beat me up now.

Nope, because I don't have time to organise one before Xmas (which is
why the one we talked about didn't happen) :-). Feel free to organise
it yourself though :-)

But after Xmas, who knows (besides the people who have told me about
some ideas that is)? Is there interest in a relatively cheap, short
conference/meetup around the start of May[1], over a weekend
(starting, say, about 1pm on Saturday, finishing about 2pm on
Sunday[2])? Somewhere reasonably central and easy to get to

This is in addition to a (potential) evening meeting in London which
is starting to come together.


[1]  so we don't clash with Usenix, BSDCon (anywhere), LDC,
       UKUUG Winter Conference, holidays etc.

[2]  ie relatively easy travelling times for most of the country.

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