Mad ex-Brit takes BSD to Munich

Paul Robinson paul at
Thu Nov 28 09:23:03 GMT 2002

On Nov 28, Anthony Naggs <amn at> wrote:

> So how was Amsterdam?  Was there a large Brit contingent?  The
> presentations?  How did the sessions on the Friday go?  Did you get rid
> of your rock yet?  

I didn't make it either (new job started, haven't been paid yet, etc.) but 
apparently a good time was had by most. As for the rock, I hear rumours that 
Paul Richards dentists' bill is on the rise. ;-)
> Cheap conferences are typically held at universities during holidays,
> i.e. Easter or summer, when lecture theatres and students halls are
> available.  To a large extent these kinds of events rely on local
> attendees to support them.  The further people are travelling to the
> event the more significant transport costs are.  

That's what the Munich guy is trying to do. To be honest, when discussions 
first started in early 2001 for a location, I seriously considered just 
grabbing the UMIST conference center for a weekend at the end of summer 
break as the prices would have been quite low. Who knows, if I have the time 
and inclination, I might try sorting something out for the 2005 conf. Maybe.
> Also, twenty pounds (or whatever) on top of the conference fee to stay a
> couple of nights in a draughty student hall of residence is not a
> bargain if you can't get to sleep, and have to hike down long corridors
> to find the loo & shower.

Agreed. Which is why I choose the UMIST conf center as it is normally a 
student halls of residence - with an AA rating of 3 stars - that is most 
comfortable indeed. In fact, the building (Weston) is normally occupied by 
annoying rich kids (my apologies to the UMIST Computer Users Society team 
who live there), rather than Manchester halls like where I lived in Oak 
House where everybody ends up on Prozac by the end of the first week because 
everything is so miserable.

Anyway, if anybody wants a Chrimbo party, I can throw something together
quickly in the Manchester region. Maybe. Actually, I'll just convince Sam
Smith who does all the Manchester BSD stuff to sort it out. Delegation - my
favourite word in the English language. ;-)

Sam's going to beat me up now.

Paul Robinson

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