Mad ex-Brit takes BSD to Munich

Anthony Naggs amn at
Thu Nov 28 00:02:35 GMT 2002

In message <20021127162011.I20353 at>, Paul Robinson
<paul at> wrote
>I was just looking around to see what arrangements have been made for next
>years EuroBSDCon (which appears to not be happening before 2004) 

May interrupt at this point?  I don't remember seeing much here about
this year's Euro BSDcon yet.  I enjoyed last year's in Brighton, (which
was cheap for me BTW, as I stayed with family), and intended to go to
Amsterdam this year.  Other things intervened (some contract work) and I
didn't manage it.  

So how was Amsterdam?  Was there a large Brit contingent?  The
presentations?  How did the sessions on the Friday go?  Did you get rid
of your rock yet?  

>and spotted
>the Munich project for something 'similar':
>The section on why a cheaper conference is a good idea is *particularly*
>amusing, and to my mind is almost a direct attack on the Brighton conf. The

This is always difficult when you have a mix of professionals, i.e.
people employed as programmers who may get support from their employment
to go to conferences, and enthusiasts (students & hobbyists).

Cheap conferences are typically held at universities during holidays,
i.e. Easter or summer, when lecture theatres and students halls are
available.  To a large extent these kinds of events rely on local
attendees to support them.  The further people are travelling to the
event the more significant transport costs are.  

Also, twenty pounds (or whatever) on top of the conference fee to stay a
couple of nights in a draughty student hall of residence is not a
bargain if you can't get to sleep, and have to hike down long corridors
to find the loo & shower.


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