Mad ex-Brit takes BSD to Munich

Paul Robinson paul at
Wed Nov 27 16:20:11 GMT 2002

I was just looking around to see what arrangements have been made for next
years EuroBSDCon (which appears to not be happening before 2004) and spotted
the Munich project for something 'similar':

The section on why a cheaper conference is a good idea is *particularly*
amusing, and to my mind is almost a direct attack on the Brighton conf. The

I say as a counter-attack some of us turn up to this super-cheap Munich
conf. In a lear jet. And stay in a five-star hotel - preferably buying out
an entire floor. And then ask them where the cash machines are because we
don't want to wipe our backsides on anything less than 10 euro notes. That'd
go down well.

Seriously though, wasn't there an idea either on here on another UK/EU list
about doing a cheap get together one weekend? Or did that happen and I just 
missed it?

Paul Robinson

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