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Rich r.ellis at
Fri Nov 22 05:24:01 GMT 2002


I use a Compaq Armada M700 and this works fine. The only thing I haven't =
to work is the internal modem but thats possibly because I've never tried=
Onboard n/work card uses the fxp driver. KDE sound (arts) also works.

It doesnt have a firewire port so I can't help you there

On Thursday 21 November 2002 10:17 pm, Jon Mercer wrote:

> Folks,
> Im looking to upgrade hardware, and I'd really appreciate any
> experiences anyone may have with relatively modern laptops (of what eve=
> manufacturer), ie. bits that work, bits that don't work - I know about
> the Thinkpad problem (the hard way :-[ ), network, best resolutions, et=
> Basically if you've got a laptop with all the network connections
> working, USB, (firewire?) et al, please let me know!
> Also, has anyone got a HP Deskjet 5550C working under FreeBSD? If so,
> how does the output look?
> Any pointers, help, shared experiences gratefully received!
> Jon
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