FreeBSD Security + Firewall set up

Sam Pikesley samdavidpikesley at
Tue Nov 26 20:33:10 GMT 2002

'man firewall' is a good place to start. And the 'How
to Build a FreeBSD-STABLE firewall with IPFILTER'
document is very handy as well (but it appears to have
disappeared, anyone know of a mirror?). I find
ipfilter much simpler to configure than IPFW (but
maybe I'm a bit strange?)


--- Ajay Sharma <sharmaajayk at> wrote: > Hi
> I am a FreeBSD newbie (and unix for that matter) and
> have two questions 
> concerning firewalls and security. I have two
> servers both running FreeBSD 
> v4.7 as follows.
> The first is an Apache Webserver and is connected to
> the world wide web and 
> therefore only accessible via the Internet.
> The second is a database server running MYSQL. It is
> connected to the first 
> server via a cross-over cable only.
> Both machines have different IP subnet addresses.
> Like anyone else, I want 
> the firewalls to be air tight on both machines.
> I want normal user access on Port 80 for the
> webserver and remote access via 
> ssh for admninistration purposes. I would also like
> to get to the second 
> server through the first, again for administration
> purposes only.
> Q - Can anyone help on how to go about setting up
> the firewall rules to 
> acomplish this on both machines using IPFW. I am
> happy with recompiling the 
> kernel to enable the firewall.
> Second question involves any hints or tips on how to
> secure FreeBSD based on 
> the above scenario.
> Regards,
> Ajay
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