FreeBSD Security + Firewall set up

Ajay Sharma sharmaajayk at
Tue Nov 26 19:36:15 GMT 2002

Hi All,
I am a FreeBSD newbie (and unix for that matter) and have two questions 
concerning firewalls and security. I have two servers both running FreeBSD 
v4.7 as follows.

The first is an Apache Webserver and is connected to the world wide web and 
therefore only accessible via the Internet.

The second is a database server running MYSQL. It is connected to the first 
server via a cross-over cable only.

Both machines have different IP subnet addresses. Like anyone else, I want 
the firewalls to be air tight on both machines.

I want normal user access on Port 80 for the webserver and remote access via 
ssh for admninistration purposes. I would also like to get to the second 
server through the first, again for administration purposes only.

Q - Can anyone help on how to go about setting up the firewall rules to 
acomplish this on both machines using IPFW. I am happy with recompiling the 
kernel to enable the firewall.

Second question involves any hints or tips on how to secure FreeBSD based on 
the above scenario.


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