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thanks for your reply but i missed this in the UPDATE file when i did CVSup=
 for the first time in ages:
(latest build)

	The preferred configuration method for PAM is now /etc/pam.d/
	rather than /etc/pam.conf.  If you have an unmodified
	pam.conf, just delete it after your next mergemaster run.  If
	you have local modifications, you can use
	/usr/src/etc/pam.d/convert.pl to incorporate them into your

	Please see the following url for more details:
	If anyone here is already using the new rc.conf(5) variable
	networkfs_types, please note that it has changed

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"Mark Stewart" <Mark.Stewart at bacs.co.uk> wrote:

> Anyone ever got this when they tried to log in ?:
> pam_start() failed to load module


Check /etc/pam.conf, make sure all listed modules for the login service
exist in /usr/lib, ie. /usr/lib/pam_unix.so, etc.

I would hazard a guess that either one of the pam libs has gone AWOL or
as mis-configured entry has been added to /etc/pam.conf causing the error.


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