RAID 5 solutions?

Pete French pete at
Tue Nov 26 14:29:28 GMT 2002

> You`ve to ask yourself, do you really need SCSI?!

...isnt it more "can I afford the extra to get SCSI" ? IDE only
beats SCSI in the area of price, therefore it really comes down to
a cost issue. For me the ease of configuration of SCSI will make
it win every time - I can plus all the drives, scanners, tapes,
cd-roms, dvds and flash card readers into the one bus (and have them in
an external box too) and drive them all with a standardised command set.

Thats a hands down win for me and it also had big implications for 
backward compatibility too. I can plus a massive reel-to-reel tape
drive unit onto a SCSI bus and access it as /dev/sa0 in the same
way as the DAT drive on sa1. For extracting data from old archives thats
a big plus too.

When you have the option its always about cost rather than need isnt it ?
Hence the original posters question - he obviously doesnt need SCSI for
the application; a set of IDE drives will store the data just as well as
SCSI and he doesnt neeed the performance. What it comes down to is
whether the extra costs will pay back in terms of setup and mainenance.
Paying an IT contractor 50 quid an hour to bugger about with master/slave
jumpers and LBA mapping just to get a new drive installed will usually
cover the extra cost of a single SCA SCSI drive :-) For a set of five of them,
however, it may not.


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