RAID 5 solutions?

Paul Robinson paul at
Tue Nov 26 14:08:51 GMT 2002

On Nov 26, Lou Kamenov <lou.kamenov at> wrote:

> yes, but how long it would take you to restore the data back?!
> there are various of key resons, why not tape, and why not this or that.
> Rsync wont solve the problem nor nfs, the solutions is called CODA..
> whooo ;)

OK, rsync was meant as a tongue-in-cheek comment. Last time I looked at CODA 
(and the old AFS gubbins) it was not in a good way at all. In fact, it 
looked hideous. Just checked out the website now though and it looks like 
somebody is actually making it work quite nicely. I might have to have a 
> i`m already there and waiting for you :)))

I'll be there. If you have any hints/advice/tips/whatever, feel free to 
throw them my way.

But you do everything with IDE by the sounds of it, which means I shouldn't 
really be listening to you for sane advice. ;-)

Paul Robinson

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