RAID 5 solutions?

Paul Robinson paul at
Tue Nov 26 13:43:02 GMT 2002

On Nov 26, Lou Kamenov <lou.kamenov at> wrote:

> > Although you can build a few terabytes of
> > storage for less than £5k these days, which is nice if you just want a
> > backup server.
> It really depends :) correct me if I`m wrong.

I would rather have some NAS holding the backups across several sites 
(hourly backups? rsynch?) then a huge pile of tapes that are odds-on to fail 
regardless. The fact that terabyte storage solutions are now steaming in 
well under £5k makes it possible to backup a few medium-sized departments 
(providing they share a common baseline disk image) quite easily.
> Come on, we all know how many fans you need to keep a SCSI working :)

Nope. I've even seen SCSI in a room with broken aircon and ambient air temp 
of 40C and not one of those drives broke. The problem with SCSI is that you 
hand so much of a critical part of your system to a third-party controller. 
Not very Von Neuman, but then I'm not a computer scientist. ;-)
> And what do you have at the end? 
> Super-duper server and one point failure?

We could start a new thread. ;-) What is tape if it's not a single point of 
failure? If it bothers you, I'm not stopping you buying two of these and 
putting in some synchro framework. In fact, it's quite likely what I'm going 
to end up implementing in the next few months.

Paul Robinson

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