RAID 5 solutions?

Pete French pete at
Mon Nov 25 15:49:16 GMT 2002

> I don't seem to have a man page for ida, should I have?

I dont either! It just comes up like a standard disc controller

> Sounds cool.  Do you know any online retailers who carry this range?

Afraid not. I get mine off ebay I have to admit! Any Compaq reseller
should have them though.

The motherboard issue *is* significant though. My 3200 card will not
work in my standard Athlon board (old 1.2gig KT7A) due to BIOS clashes.
BIOS issues on non server hardware can be very annoying - I boot off
a separate SCSI drive, but I cant use an Adaptec revision of 2.0 or
above on the 2940 as then the three BIOSes make errors in deciding
who the boot drive is.

If it is a "from parts" machine then there is a lot less risk associated
with getting one of the other supported RAID controllers though. Those should
be designed to work in any old motherboard. I havent used them at all
myself though so I cant vouch for them.

Whatgever you use make sure it has battery backed write cache as this helps
a hell of a lot. I also keep a windows partition on the boot disc with
the RAID management tools on it as the boot from floppy configuration
tools are somewhat limited.

Vinum, however, I can say "just say no" after a lot of painful expereiences.

> Sure. For some reviews look at

Interesting - knew about the onboard RAID-0 stuff, but handt realised
anyone was doing the other RAID levels. Shall go and have a read...


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