RAID 5 solutions?

Kevin O Connor kevin at
Mon Nov 25 15:16:28 GMT 2002

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Subject: Re: RAID 5 solutions?

> > wondering if anyone had recommendations of RAID cards which are
> > well supported under FreeBSD.
> I've been using the Compaq controllers and consider them to be
> excellent. Started with SMART-2SL and have subsequently used
> 3200 and currently a 4200 all with extremely good results. The
> cards are suppoerted using the ida driver in FreeBSD. Performance
> is good, (though I am getting some puzzling benchmark results
> currently - see -STABLE for details) and the controllers are
> readily available, plus all backwrd compatible.

Nice controllers but beaware that not all systems support them.64bit 5v 
although you can run them in a 32 bit PCI slot. They run well under 5dp2 as 
well so when the final release of 5 comes out you can upgrade


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