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Sun Nov 24 22:47:41 GMT 2002

Am Sonntag, 24.11.02, um 23:34 Uhr (Europe/Berlin) schrieb Stefan  

> As a historical note: BSD had some code to perform the same function  
> (mark sectors as bad, and transparently map them to spare sectors).  
> It's been a long time I messed with MFM/RLL drives; I think this was  
> around 2.2 or so. I believe this functionality was nuked around 3.0 or  
> so, but I might be mistaken.

According to the bad144(8) man page: 

it got added in 4.1BSD. According to CVSWeb, it got yanked from 4.0; it  
was still present in all 3.x and 2.x releases:


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