MS wheel mouse

Jon Schneider jon at
Sun Nov 24 12:27:54 GMT 2002

I feel really bad at having to post this question to the list. I'm 
either missing something or the docs are over optimistic. Configuring 
XFree86 always seems to be a nightmare. Mice give me more grief than 
video cards and the latter are pretty bad !

I have FreeBSD 4.7, an MS Intellimouse Explorer (the matless optical 
one with the wheel and two extra side buttons) plugged into my PS/2 
port, and have purged and upgraded XFree86 to 4.2.0 .  

On bootup there are a few lines that identify it on psm0 correctly.

However I don't seem to be able to get the wheel to work. I'm using 
xev before worrying about anything more complicated. No moused 

saying that "Auto" protocol support is really efficient in these versions. Yeh

You'd think it would work.

Specifying Protocol ExplorerPS/2 says it isn't supported and Auto or PS/2 give me
buttons 4 and 5 for the outer ones but no wheel even with options
"ZAxisMapping" "N6 N7" and "Buttons" "7". Also tried N4 N5.

I could be barking up the wrong tree but I wrote a tiny program to do 
an ioctl(/dev/psm0...MOUSE_SETLEVEL...) to set the level to 1 before 
starting X and found that it reverts to 0 once the thing exits. 
Though it does make the light flash and the ioctl is successful and 
GETLEVEL reads back 1 again.


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