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Sat Nov 23 12:07:21 GMT 2002

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Hi all,

At BSDCon Europe I was talking with Josette Garcia, who's the marketing
manager for O'Reilly UK.  Turns out that they have a 'user group
programme' for supporting user groups.  More details in the forwarded
letter below.

Assuming no one has any objections to the occasional e-mail from
O'Reilly to this list (see my next message, which shows an example) I'll
follow this up with Josette.



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From: "Josette Garcia" <josette at oreilly.co.uk>
To: "Nik Clayton" <nik at freebsd.org>
Subject: O'Reilly UK User Group Programme
Date: Fri, 22 Nov 2002 17:25:07 -0000

Hi Nik
Following our conversation in Amsterdam, please find below information on
the O'Reilly UK User Group Programme. Only slightly different from the US


User Group Leaders
O'Reilly has a programme for your members!

The O'Reilly User Group Programme is an alliance we've developed to support
established user groups. (Please see our requirements below.) We share
information and interact frequently with groups. And we provide benefits to
groups, too.

The object of O'Reilly's User Group Programme is to foster relationships
with technical communities that--in addition to meeting
regularly--troubleshoot, write product reviews, and share knowledge through
newsletters or Web sites.

O'Reilly has formed relationships with user groups across the globe, and
we're honored to be a part of this unique technical community. User groups
are volunteer, not-for-profit organizations, and O'Reilly is pleased to help
these groups by providing member benefits that include:

	Review copies of O'Reilly products
	25% discount on all O'Reilly products
	Donations of books and other promo items
	Speaking engagements with O'Reilly authors when possible
	Electronic Newsletter
	Printed catalogues  twice a year

Groups registering for the O'Reilly User Group Program should have:

	Membership of 5 or more people
	Regular newsletter or user group Web site for shared information

We also would like you to add our user group logo to your site see

To join, please complete the following questionnaire.

Name of the group:
Main contact:
Second contact:
Starting Date of the group:
How many members?
When and where do you meet?
Average number of members that attend meetings:
Do you organize a yearly conference? If so when?
Could you please give me some details (length, do you invite speakers, etc)?
Do you organize tutorials? (please give details)
Do you have a Newsletter? If so could you please send me a copy or send url.
Do you have an email mailing list?
Do you have a group library?
Do you work with other groups? Please give me details as I would like to
invite them to join the programme.
Does your group review books and do you publish the review in your
Newsletter or website?
Would you like to receive our catalogues, if so how many?

Kindest regards

# # #
Josette Garcia
PR/Marketing Manager
O'Reilly UK Limited
4 Castle Street
Tel: +44 (0)1252 711776
Fax: +44 (0)1252 734211

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