External scsi housings?

Josef Karthauser joe at tao.org.uk
Fri Nov 22 14:41:02 GMT 2002

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I was wondering whether anyone might know where I can go to
get an external housing for my DAT tape drive.  It's a 5.25 inch device
with a 68 pin micro D socket on it.  I'd like to have an enclosure that
also has two 68 pin sockets on the back so that I can put it in a SCSI
chain, but I can't find a supplier that appears to have that

Actually better than that I'd prefer just the SCSI cable with one
internal connector to attach to the drive and two external ones to
chassis mount as I already have an enclosure with a power supply in it
from an old SCSI-I cd rom that I'm willing to recycle.

Doesn't anyone know of a good supplier who might be able to help me out
at this point?

Thanks :).


p.s. life ends tomorrow apparently as I will be turning 30, so I've
got to get this organised today before I overdose on some extreme
partying :).
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