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Sam Pikesley samdavidpikesley at
Fri Nov 22 10:10:57 GMT 2002

Indeed, I have 5.0 running on a Sony Vaio 505,
everything pretty much Just Works (tm), the sound, the
NIC, the USB (and 5.0 recognises my camera too. Yay!).
The only thing I haven't tried is the FireWire but
that's due to a lack of FireWire devices... 

I've also had success running 4.x on Dell Inspirons,
again it all Just Worked...

--- Bruce M Simpson <bms at> wrote: > On Thu, Nov
21, 2002 at 10:17:13PM +0000, Jon Mercer
> wrote:
> > Basically if you've got a laptop with all the
> network connections 
> > working, USB, (firewire?) et al, please let me
> know!
> Sony Vaio Z600 very nice. I haven't tested the
> firewire support. Everything
> works apart from the winmodem, even the jog dial.
> The network is onboard
> Intel fxp, so can't go far wrong.
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