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Frank Shute frank at
Fri Nov 22 07:53:50 GMT 2002

On Wed, Nov 20, 2002 at 07:14:25PM -0000, Roy Stark wrote:
> Thanks for the responses, however I have no idea of what any of you were
> trying to get across to me.
> This is what I am aiming to achieve;
> I am starting up a company (Engineering and Software) recruitment, I had a
> friend setup SME server on a PC which collects email and hosts my site. This
> application is however limited as what I am wanting to do is;
> *	set up a PC to receive and send email for users,
> *	act as a proxy gateway so internal staff can browse the internet,
> *	act as a host for my website so I can easily place our ads (Mysql)
> on our site (see,
> *	make a public directory with subdirectories and allow public access
> to certain areas depending on password so the can download files I place
> there (maybe a FreeBSD and/or Linux mirror)

You can do all this with FreeBSD as mentioned before. For web-hosting
you're probably best off hosting your site at somewhere like, for the small yearly cost you don't have any of the
hassles of setting up a box with Apache/MySQL and maintaining it.
Ditto a public ftp server and I think you'll find it works out cheaper in
the long run too.

You haven't mentioned what sort of connectivity you'll have at your
office - it's a mistake trying to host a webserver over a 56Kb dial-up
for instance ;)

> Because I am more familiar with MS I would like to stick to this for my
> network with a server controlling the workstations and allowing printer,
> files, etc, resources.

This you'd probably be better off doing with a unix using Samba
especially if you're going to be using unix for a proxy, gateway,
firewall, mailserver etc. anyway.

> Can you advise to refer someone to me who can do this for me.

I'm sure there are a number of people on this list who can do it for
you or know people who can do it for you (including me:) but they need
to know your whereabouts first.

I'm sure you're aware that people who can setup a unix system like
this are not in the same pay bracket as MCSEs and the like but you pay
for what you get ie. functionality, stability and security.



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