Where is my shell?

redjupiter redjupiter at ntlworld.com
Thu Nov 21 20:42:16 GMT 2002

Hi Guys,

I installed ksh93 from the ports. It works well from the console and I
reading from "UNIX shell Programming" (seems it shows what I need). But
now it was time to start X. So I used startx, I tried KDE, GNOME but
settled on mwm (don't laugh :-) ). It is fast, easy to configure and I
only need a few things and I feel comfortable with it.

However, I noticed that when I launch xterm, or gnome terminal my shell
files ".shrc and .profile, are not executed (they work fine in console
mode). But not from X, it just gives a simple prompt with a $.

I don't know what is wrong, any have a clue?

BTW: I have launched xdm from the ttys file. I just changed the off to
on. I do have .xinitrc and .xsession and bot have a simple command "exec
mwm" or exec gnome-session.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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