Overburning with burncd

Ian Morrison ian at darq.net
Mon Nov 18 05:07:53 GMT 2002

hydi hi,

i've got a load of divx files that i'd like to backup onto cdr.  problem
is, some of them are quite a bit bigger than 650 meg;  generally between
700 - 900 meg.

so, has anyone had success over-burning with freebsd and burncd?  i've got
a plextor 40/12/40a running on 4-STABLE, and i picked up some 900 meg
cd's from the computer fair the other week.  just before i start making
coasters, thought i'd confer, like..

while i'm at it, does anyone know what the current deal with dvd writers
is, and is anyone using one successfully?  do you get the full 4.7 gig or
whatever it is?   

thanks gang,

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