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Mon Nov 11 11:32:37 GMT 2002

In some email I received from "Chris Rodgers"
<freebsd-uk at> on Mon, 11 Nov 2002 09:08:13 -0000 :
> Either FreeBSD or Linux will do all this easily.
> In FreeBSD, you'd need.
> RELEASE 4.7 (download from or buy it on CDRom)

This one will be quite closer:
[ == ] 
> All the software below is part of the "ports collection" in /usr/ports
> (if you choose to install it).
> You just cd /usr/ports/net/apache (or whatever) and then "make && make
> install". It will download and build everything. Alternatively, if you
> have the other CDs in the FreeBSD set, you can use pkg_add to install
> binary packages for these applications without having to wait for
> everything to compile.
update your ports collection before doing something like this. [

cd /usr/ports/*/cvsup-without-gui/ && make && make install 
[ make sure that you are connected to the internet before doing
something like this ]
cp /etc/defaults/make.conf /etc/make.conf
edit make.conf and set right values, especially the CVSup part
cd /usr/ports && make update.

after that follow the apache install.
cd /usr/ports/www/apache13 && make && make install
[ i recommend 1.x ]
if you need apache with SSL
take a look at /usr/ports/www/apache13-modssl.

> I recommend Courier-Imap from the ports collection for the e-mail
> users. You may need to use fetchmail to get the e-mail from an ISP.
> Sendmail is included as standard.

Sendmail conf file would be a hell for a newbie
Try qmail it`s much more simple, stable & secure.
Also it has it own POP3 server.
If you go with Qmail with Maildirs, consider using getmail
(/usr/ports/*/getmail) to download any email from you ISP.
Please read all carefully.

> WEB proxy --> squid or mod_proxy with apache (see below).
right. or consider using transperant proxy to you squid server.

> Firewall --> IPFilter or IPFW (built into FreeBSD) (search google for
> appropriate rules)

Both of them are really good. I personally prefer IPF.

> Hosting your site:
> it's not really recommended under any OS to host your website off your
> proxy/ firewall machine because of the risk of getting your private
> network broken into if the web server is hacked. However, it is easy
> to do under both freebsd and linux. Think Apache (and built in ftpd).

Not exaclty, this would apply for bastion host or any firewall box,
consider this server as a small business solution.

[ Email system/Web Proxy/NAT/Filter/Web Server ]

For FTP server try /usr/ports/ftp/proftpd.


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