(OT) -- UK vsat ISPs?

Dan Sloane mail at dansloane.co.uk
Fri Nov 1 10:58:46 GMT 2002

On Oct 31, Robin Melville <robmel at innotts.co.uk> wrote:

> Does anyone have experience, knowledge of UK ISPs providing VSAT
> connectivity? How much should a person be thinking of paying for such a
> beast?

I've been talking to a company called Ethnet (http://www.ethnetuk.com/)
based in Royston about satellite connectivity for events. We decided that it
wasn't quite good enough yet for our purpose (IPSec-based remote site
offices) but it's definitely a good system for home workers or small

Pricing depends on product - we were looking at 2Mbps, but I believe their
512k service is pretty competitive. Upstream is 64k, burstable to 128k.

The system, based on Hughes technology is optimised for HTTP, but works well
for all large transfers. You soon get used to the latency. HTTP seems to be
cached at the local end then thrown at your browser at LAN speeds - very

My contact was Barry Lieberman on 01763 250418


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