Little OT - need UK website hosting recomendation

Dave david.gallagher at
Sat Nov 9 19:56:39 GMT 2002

I just know I'm going to get far too many answers to this question, but
can anyone recommend a good UK based hosting company please?


Our company wants to get into the web design business and the boss just
dropped this in my lap on Friday.  It will be mainly aimed at our existing
customers and as part of the package we offer to new customers.  (We do
system/network installs, Network/PC/Printer maintenance etc)

We've done a couple for existing customers but now want to formalise it as
a part of the service.

Our own site is currently hosted by our ISP, EasyNet, but anything over
the basic package is way above the sort of costs I'd expect from most
hosting companies (and it's NT based too!!)

So, what I'm looking for is a host which can offer us (at least initially)
a good all round package which includes Unix-type hosting (I'm FreeBSD
biased of course <g>), perl scripting with a good range of modules and/or
the option to have modules added (feasable/desirable??)and  MySQL.

Is there more I should be looking for?

We will also be looking at the possibility of re-selling hosting with a
view to moving towards either renting or co-locating our own server(s)
where we can sell our own hosting.

Initially, we are definitely looking at a managed account since I'm not
confident enough to to mess with shelling into our own server and possibly
screwing it up :-(

Thanks for any and all advice


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