FreeBSD, NTL, and a USB modem (Terayon)

Hiten Pandya hiten at
Wed May 29 21:58:00 BST 2002

--- Nik Clayton <nik at> wrote:
> Anyone using FreeBSD with an NTL cable modem connection -- I think they
> use Terayon modems.  A colleague in the office is wondering whether this
> is supported.


NTL Broadband works perfect, and it works in a basis where the Cable Modem
gets an IP Address assigned from the NTL DHCP server; and then the Cable
Modem assigns that IP Address to the NIC.

Anyway.  It works very well, and I am currently mailing you from an NTL
Broadband powered Internet connection.  Btw, It doesn't matter if it is
a Terayon modem; as mine got changed last week from the Terayon to the
Motorola SurfBoard/SurfBroad modem.  Its 512kbps.


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