SpeedTouch problems

Dimitris Dimitris
Wed May 29 15:02:55 BST 2002

On Wed, 29 May 2002 04:08:28 +0100, Mark Hughes wrote:

>:( how customised are they? sounds like a pain.

very customised. running several custom daemons, custom scripts,
custom versions of several utils like HylaFax, Samba etc.

its not possible to upgrade to new versions of ports because i need
to manually do my custom changes to them, and merging /etc is
more time consuming than if i do it by hand. Right now i've got several
versions of /etc in tar archives and on new installs i just erase the ne=
/etc and use my old one, chances are nothing is broken.

>Looks like i spoke too soon - while it doesn't crash any more and is mo=
>reliable, it does still drop the connection after exactly 67MB of uploa=
d in
>one block. :( I'm not sure why it's doing this - bug, or usb chipset, o=
r an
>error in my ppp setup or kernel or network settings or what...

Two things:

1) USB chipset is broken.

2) mbufs runs out of space.

I've had lots of problems with case '2', where the whole tcpip stack
would go down in pain when doing huge uploads on 100mbit ethernet.

The problem is that even uploads on an ADSL will cause the mbufs
to drop dead on default installations.

For 4.5 or newer, the MAXCLIENTS kernel option should be zero, which den=
variable sized mbufs.

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