SpeedTouch problems

Mark Hughes mh_lists at digitalspy.co.uk
Wed May 29 11:29:13 BST 2002

> I could be absolutely and totally wrong (I'm still a relative
> FreeBSD Newbie, and usually am)... but having downloads/uploads bailing
> out at an exact time every time, to me screams of a RAM problem. Out of
> morbid curiosity, could you open up a few other relatively memory hungry
> processes and see if the upload dies quicker? It could be almost
> buffering the upload in RAM, dying when it runs out, or the RAM kicks
> back a fault.

Hmmm.... it could be the case but I think it's pretty unlikely. It's a
completely un-loaded box - a duron 750Mhz with 128MB RAM that's just doing
NAT. Could be a hardware problem though I guess?

Does anyone know of any good way of testing the RAM short of swapping it
with another stick (i don't have any around :) ).

> I had a very, very similar problem with a Win2k box when it came to boot
> up, I could time the boot up to the second, and it'd crash then, shoved
> a new stick of RAM in the box and had no problems since.

> Okay, the idea doesn't exactly sound the most sensible or even the most
> probable, but nor does the problem.

Indeed - it's certainly another thing to look at. I'm still not ruling out
the USB chipset being "dodgy" 'cause the VIA USB chipsets are legendarily
bad with high power consumption devices like the Speedtouch USB.


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